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N.C. Lic. #2034
N.C. Lic. #4449
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Gregory Allen Hatten, Chief Investigator

Investigations and Surveillance is at the heart of all things at TJ Conner and Associates. Gregory Allen Hatten is licensed in North Carolina with over 24 years of real world private investigative experience and training. Mr. Hatten heads up the investigative team at TJ Conner and Associates. Mr. Hatten's philosophy is simple.... Look beyond that of what you see to what you don't see and you will find your answers to most questions.

In a profession where many NC private investigators come and go in short order, Mr. Hatten's longevity in the profession is evidence of his dedication to providing client service and satisfaction as only a seasoned investigative professional can do. Anyone can say that they are an investigator, but it takes a seasoned investigator with years experience to provide investigative and surveillance results to their clients.

Mr. Hatten experience has earned him the respect of the legal community. He has provided investigative and surveillance work to Judges, Attorneys, State and Government Agencies from all over the United States and to several clients in foreign countries. Mr. Hatten also handles request on a daily basis from other in state and out of state investigative professionals to provide them with investigations and surveillance services in the State of North Carolina.

Mr. Hatten is also responsible for acquiring the equipment used in the day to day activities of the firm. Whether it is a video camera, a GPS tracking unit or covert recording device you can bet that Mr. Hatten has put the piece of equipment through its paces well before it is given to an investigator in the field.

Mr. Hatten is also a member of the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators, National Council of Investigation and Security Services and the World Association of Detectives, Inc.

Contact Mr. Hatten for a confidential consultation - the first step in locating the answers to your questions that has brought you to our website.


John Michael Johnson, Investigator

John Michael Johnson joined the team at TJ Conner and Associates in 2010 after retiring from law enforcement bringing with him 30 plus years of law enforcement experience to the firm of TJ Conner and Associates. A trained surveillance specialist and K-9 officer makes his real world experience a plus for any type of investigation or surveillance. The certifications and training that Mr. Johnson has acquired in his 30 plus years of Law Enforcement would require a website of it own to list them.

His responsibilities include conducting field investigations and surveillances, covert surveillance equipment modification and design. Mr. Johnson also provides a watchful eye of the firm's private radio repeater system used by the investigators in the field while conducting surveillances.

Mr. Johnson is a member of the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators.
With Mr. Johnson experience our clients can be assured that they are getting a complete and comprehensive investigation with results unmatched by other investigative firms.


You will not find our pictures here but you will be able to learn about each investigator. Our investigators are highly trained to work in almost any location and enviorment that gets thrown their way. From a beauiful day at the coast to the snow and ice covered roads of the mountains. Our investigators are out and working when other investigators have headed home.