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Do you suspect your spouse of cheating?

Infidelity is one of the most devastating problems you can experience in your marriage. When you suspect an affair, the pain, humiliation, and stress are a tough burden to bear and when combined with uncertainty the disruption to your everyday life is severe.

Unfortunately, once infidelity is suspected, it is often proven to be true. If you feel something is not quite right in your marriage and you have a “gut feeling” that your spouse is cheating on you, you are probably right. After all, you know your spouse better than anyone else.

You should know the absolute truth BEFORE accusing your spouse of an affair. We will conduct a thorough, discreet investigation and find out for sure whether your spouse is guilty of infidelity and provide you with the proof you need. With concrete evidence in your hand when confronting your spouse, there will be no room for further lies or manipulation.

TJ Conner and Associates is committed to providing experienced, discreet, and confidential service, so you can put your uncertainty to rest and have peace of mind.

We understand how difficult and private this matter is for you. We will guide you through the process making sure you fully understand how we conduct our investigation and we will always keep your best interests in mind.

TJ Conner and Associates's goal is to investigate and collect the hard evidence our clients need to make an educated and informed decision that will affect their lives and future.

It is not our place to tell you that you need to divorce your spouse because of their infidelity. We simply provide you with the truth about the doubts you have in your marriage and collect the evidence you require to enable you make and informed decision.

Do not let anyone tell you or influence your decision in getting a divorce; the decision should remain yours…not your lawyer, your private investigator, family or best friend. You are the one that will ultimately live with the decision.

We hope this has given you the information to make an informed decision in your individual situation. It is our goal to assist you in your time of need.

WITH OVER 19 YEARS OF INVESTIGATIONS and SURVEILLANCES, we put our experience, dedicated investigators, and cutting edge surveillance equipment to work for you and your investigative needs to prove your case in court.

Keep in mind; attorneys do not sit in cars collecting the evidence you need for court. They depend on you for information and when there is infidelity, you can depend on our investigator’s evidence to properly prove your case in court.

Hendersonville, NC
Asheville, NC
Brevard, NC
Black Mnt, NC
Canton, NC
Candler, NC
Cherokee, NC
Enka, NC
Arden, NC
Fletcher, NC
Skyland, NC
Waynesville, NC
Maggie Valley, NC
Shallotte, NC
Greenville, NC
Winston Salem NC
Marion NC
Hickory NC
New Bern NC
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Our team of private investigators can provide surveillances Statewide in North Carolina. The cities below are just a few of the locations that we cover on a regular basis.
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