Frequently Asked Questions
1) What paperwork must be done to obtain investigative services ? We require a basic investigative contract to be filled out and returned with your retainer. This contract maybe emailed or faxed to you upon request if you are out of state or in another part of the state.

What is a retainer ?: A retainer is a pre-determined amount of money placed with the firm for investigative services. Our firm pays it's investigators their hourly fees and expenses related to your investigation from this retainer.

Are Private Investigators required to be licensed in North Carolina ? YES If someone offers to provide you or provides you with investigative services without being licensed in North Carolina it is a criminal offense.

I think my spouse may be unfaithful but not sure: A good way to start is by seeing how many signs they are currently showing of Infidelity.

How do I tell my attorney of your findings in a investigation ?: A written report is furnished to each client within 30 days of the conclusion and payment of their investigation.

How much does a investigation cost ?: No two investigations are the same and cost the same. We have rates based on hourly and daily fees as well as flat rate fees. Before we begin any investigation we take the time to discuss rates and what rate we feel is best suited for your investigation. Our rates are both competitve and reasonable. We work with each client's financial situation as much as possible.

Can you guarantee results ?: No Private Investigation firm can give you a guarantee that they can give you the results you need. They can only guarantee you that they will conduct the investigation professionally, ethically, objectively and obtain the information in a legal manner that can be introduced into a court of law should it be needed.

Can you help me record phone calls ?: NO Our firm does not record nor does it instruct clients on how to record telephone calls.

Can you assist me in getting copies of cell phone bills? : Unless you are the actual account holder the answer is no. They must be obtained through a properly issued subpoena done by your attorney.

Do you travel to other states during a investigation?: YES It depends on which state they travel to and if North Carolina has an agreement in place with that state at the time.

Once started can I stop or pause a investigation? : YES just by contacting our office.

Will I get to confront the male/female involved if your investigation shows infidelity by my spouse?: This is not recommeded at all. Always let your results speak loud and clear and through your attorney and the courts.

Who all will know that you are conducting a investigation for me?: No one, we do not discuss any investigation being conducted with anyone except the client and the client's attorney when notified to do so.

What if I have questions or concerns during a investigation ?: Please let them be known so that we can address them as soon as possible.

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