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When a married couple enters into a Family Law Court in order to obtain a divorce, one of the functions of the court will be to divide the community property equally between the parties.

At some point during the divorce one party will have to remove their property from the marital residence.

In hostile divorce settlements this is the time when things can and usuallly do go wrong.

A item is missing, One party attempts to take a item given to the other by the courts. A items has been broken, the list goes on.

A arguement breaks out and before it is over Law Enforcement has been called and one party is on their way to be booked into the local jail for assault or any number of other charges.
The investigators of TJ Conner and Associates can be of assistance in in these property divisional matters before things turn hostile.

Our Investigators are available to be present onsite during the property removal. Our Investigators film the removal of items creating a video log of the items removed and the condition of the items at the time they were removed.

During those times when both attorneys can agree on a set date, time and list of things that are allowed to be removed from the marital residence. Our staff being onsite allows for one party not to be present since every item being removed is videoed before it is removed from the residence. If the party removing the items removes a item not of the list of items approved for removal then the video will show the item's removal so that the item can be returned once the video is viewed by the party not present during the process.

Copies of the video can be supplied to both attorneys.