Executive and VIP Protection Services
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T. J. Conner & Associates
P.O. Box 1859
Enka, North Carolina 28728
(828) 280-0180
N.C. Lic. #2034
N.C. Lic. #4449
SC Lic. #D0003468
Unarmed Guard Trainer # NCPPSUT001330
PPSB Firearms Trainer # 481-FT
T.J. Conner and Associates provides the required NCPPSB training to both unarmed and armed North Carolina Security Officers, Armored Car Officers, as well as to Armed Private Investigators in the State of North Carolina.

All of our training services are available Statewide in North Carolina including yearly firearms recertifications.

We currently provide training and certifications on semi-auto pistols, shotguns, and AR-15 for Armed Security Officers, Armored Car Officers, and Private Investigators.

Our Agents are also trained to handle workplace threats that may arise from a employee firing, dismissal, or when a company faces a layoff or closure. Our Agents can provide the needed security and peace of mind during these times for company owners and other employees. Our Agents are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and normally can be dispatched and on location within hours anywhere in the State of North Carolina.

All Officers are trained to properly handle threats under low light and night time conditions and in inclement weather conditions.