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TJ Conner and Associates will provide a covert undercover operation with high-tech surveillance equipment or a complex undercover sting operation that will obtain the evidence that will hold up in court.

At TJ Conner and Associates our NC private investigators have real undercover experience which translates into successful undercover operations that got results for our clients. We customize each case so you only get the services you need, whether it's a sting operation, mystery shopper, stolen property case, restaurant or bar Investigation, or corporate investigation we offer trained undercover operatives to detect, manage and provide evidence and results for the problems revealed.

The internal resources we offer includes experienced investigators, electronic surveillance experts and professional surveillance investigators.

" Drugs in the work place
" Corporate espionage
" Stalking
" Bars and Restaurants
" Undercover sting operations
" Employee theft
" Discreet Undercover Operations
" Fraud detection
" Litigation Support
" Hidden camera
" GPS Tracking
" Covert Surveillance
" Employee Threats

Employee theft, corporate espionage, drugs in the work place, stalking, litigation and more plague North Carolina employers. They can not only hurt your company, they can put you out of business!

"COVERT" activity is surveillance conducted without detection by, or contact with the target. The surveillance may include the observation of persons and property, recording still and video images of human and other activity, and the tracking and following of people and vehicles to determine activity and location.

"UNDERCOVER" activity implies that an operative plays a role, openly, assuming an identity and appearance that allows the operative to observe and/or discover the illegal or otherwise inappropriate behavior and activities of a person, and how such activity might be related to property, a business activity or other target of the perpetrator. It is often potentially dangerous, requiring the operative to be creative, imaginative, adaptable, and highly self-motivated to succeed.