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North Carolina Private Investigators
If someone has committed a crime against you, your family, your business, or your client, you'll need Confidential Services to conduct a thorough investigation of the facts. Let us uncover the evidence and pertinent information to help you get justice and closure.

We also help innocent people get exonerated of false or mistaken charges. Benefit from our experience.

A Criminal Investigation is conducted on behalf of a defendant who has been charged by the government with a crime. Private Investigators are key members of a criminal defense team.

The private investigators at TJ Conner and Associates will evaluate evidence, police investigative procedures and forensic testing. We will visit the crime scene, take photographs and prepare diagrams, interview witnesses and search for undiscovered evidence and new witnesses. Omissions and errors made by the police and detected by TJ Conner and Associates can be used to construct a theory of the case that exonerates the defendant or reduces the severity of the prosecution's charges.

Homicide . Theft . Robbery . Rape . Arson . Assault . Fraud