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Corporate executives, celebrities, dignitaries, high-profile individuals, witnesses, and their families are increasingly at risk of kidnapping, criminal assault and miscellaneous threats. TJ Conner and Associates Agents are experienced and trained to reduce these risks while the client maintains his or her regular daily routine.
Our Agents know that the key to minimizing risk is by visiting all points of a
client’s itinerary prior to his/her arrival; our Agents utilize years of highly skilled Executive Protection experience to assess threats and gather intelligence, and then prepares a detailed security plan that includes primary and secondary routes, nearest trauma hospitals, safe rooms, restrooms, and transportation to and from locations on the client's itinerary.
Our Agents are also trained to handle workplace threats that may arise from a employee firing, dismissal, or when a company faces a layoff or closure. Our Agents can provide the needed security and peace of mind during these times for company owners and other employees. Our Agents are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and normally can be dispatched and on location within hours anywhere in the State of North Carolina.

Both male and female protection agents are available.
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