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Those dreaded words during a divorce settlement .... Alimony !!
Spousal Support !!! No matter how it is worded it means money from your hard earned pay check.
If you are tired of paying large sums of Alimony or Spousal support just to see your your ex-spouse and her new lover reap the benefits of your hard earned money?

Are they taking trip, buying cars, or living a higher life style than you are and at your expense?

Let the Private Investigators of TJ Conner and Associates use our knowledge on court rulings on co-habitation and our expertise in surveillance to obtain the evidence needed to greatly reduce or totally eliminate your Alimony or Spousal support obligations.

Most clients find that the money they spend on these types of cases is money well spent when they look at the total cost of the alimony payments adding up month after month, year after year.
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