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Witness interviews can be one of the most valuable sources of information in civil litigation. When interviewing a witness, it's always more complex than taking a statement.

Whether working on behalf of the plaintiffs or the defense, information provided by witnesses in civil cases can verbally corroborate what is discoverable, such as emails, financial statements, memorandums, and contracts, as well as reveal vital information not found on paper, During Witness interviews our experienced investigators are also assessing credibility & impression.

Witness Interviews are best left to professionals who are skilled in witness interviewing techniques and experienced with handling the details. This ability allows our investigators to offer the best results possible in any investigation we undertake.

Witness Interviews is a systematic process wherein the slightest obfuscated fact could potentially jeopardize an entire investigation. Concise, detailed, and professional. We're here when you need to know.

Witness Interviews and Statements