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Workers Compensation Investigations and Claims
Workers Compensation claims are on the rise each year and cost both the insurer and the insured millions of dollars a year in fraudulent claims. TJ Conner and Associates offers the both insurers and the insured with a complete list of services to help combat these fraudulent claims.

Interviews of Witnesses

Recorded and Written Statements

Surveillance and Activity Checks

Odd hour surveillances
- It has become common knowledge on the web that most Worker's Compensation surveillances are conducted between the hours of 6 am and 2 pm. More and more claimants are moving later in the day and at night to prevent unwanted surveillance of their activities.

Surveillance alone is not always the answer in fraudulent Workers's Compensation claims. Let the experianced team at TJ Conner and Associates show you how their vast years of experiance in the investigation and surveillance field can reduce and expose fraudulent claims.

Don't be fooled that fancy surveillance vans that other firms advertise, in fact more than often these vans stand out in residential settings and are easy to spot by neighbors and even the target suspect of the investigation. Each Worker's Compensation surveillance is different and requires different approaches in both the type of vehicle used to conduct the surveillance, surveillance method, and the equipment used during the surveillance.

The private investigators of TJ Conner and Associates have a wide array of covert surveillance equipment that is ready to deploy on a second notice for those times when a claimant enters a store, restaurant or a appointment at a doctor's office. Our investigators are not afraid to go into the woods and get dirty to gather the evidence needed to show that a claim in fraudulent. Our investigators are ready and willing to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week both in good weather and in bad weather to gather evidence needed that may mitigate losses or confirm fraud, saving you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You will receive our detailed investigation reports and video in a fashion that meets your needs and within a time frame that meets the needs of even the most time sensitive assignments.

The private investigators of TJ Conner and Associates provide complete Statewide coverage in North Carolina.