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GPS Tracking a investigative tool that save money!
GPS Tracking is a cost effective way to reduce the overall investigative cost during a surveillance. TJ Conner and Associates owns and maintains state of the art "LIVE" GPS Trackers. These trackers provide our firm a update as to the whereabouts of a vehicle or any other item that they are attached to. They provide their location on demand or on a set time schedule depending on the investigator's need. This reduces man hours spent sitting outside a spouses place of business or residence waiting on them to leave and meet a suspected boyfriend or girlfriend. They also allow for mobile surveillance at a greater distance while they are out on the highways and interstates traveling from one place to another. This give the investigator the advantage of knowing where they are going and timing his or her arrival as not to draw attention or by not having the same vehicle in a spouses rear-view mirror for extended periods of time which possible could alert a spouse that they are being followed and their activities documented. Our state of the art GPS Tracking units once install operate around the clock for up to 6 months depending on the type of unit employed. Installation of GPS Tracking units on takes minutes on average but can save a client hundreds of dollars over the course of a domestic investigation.

Not every Investigative case can use GPS Tracking as a investigative aide. To learn if GPS Tracking is right for you current investigative needs just give one of our North Carolina private investigators a call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.