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About our Firm:
T.J. Conner and Associates is a small Private Investigative Firm located in the Mountains of Western North Carolina. It's original founder was Mr. Tearle Jackson Conner Sr. who opened the firm after retiring as a Law Enforcement officer in Florida. He spent many years training and passing on his Investigative knowledge to others and to the current owners of the firm. Mr. Conner passed away in 2006 after a long battle with cancer. His name was kept as a badge of honor and pride for the firm.
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Today the firm still runs under the same strict standards it did back when it was first opened just over 28 years ago. Each client receives our fullest attention in each investigation. Their Investigations are handled in a manner as to provide them the best possible out come at a reasonable price. Investigations are a emotional experience for most clients and a time of many unknowns. The Investigators of our firm do their best to help calm your fears by explaining each step and keeping you thoroughly informed throughout the Investigative process.
T.J. Conner and Associates maintains state of the art Video Surveillance equipment and GPS Tracking units. Each Investigator receives proper training on their use and deployment in investigative situtations. Not much has changed from the days gone past. The most important tool that our Investigators use is being street smart and knowing how the legal system works. They learn from real world experiences, through attorneys, and judges on ways to improve their investigative cases and presentation of cases during live court testimony.
Each Investigator also serves in a Private Process Server role. They
are trained to obtain proper service of each legal documents that they serve in North Carolina. After completing service of the document they
notify the client while still in the field that service has been perfected.
Within 24 hours of returning back to our office they fill out a proper Affidavit of Service and file it with the courts unless notified by the client that they want the Affidavit sent to them instead.
No matter what your Investigative or Process Service needs are the staff of T.J. Conner and Associates will do their best to provide you with positive results at a reasonable price. We gladly provide Professional references upon request.
N.C. Lic. #2034
N.C. Lic. #4449
S.C. Lic. #D0003468
Member of the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators
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